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Soft Matter Physics,

Masao Doi, Oxford University Press (2013) page 1-257







The book provides a comprehensive introduction to soft matter (what it is, and what are the characteristics of such materials), and also provides the reader with the physical basis for understanding and discussing such characteristics in more detail. Many basic concepts, which are required in advanced courses of condensed matter physics, such as coarse graining, scaling, phase separation, order-disorder transition, Brownian motion, and fluctuation-dissipation theorem, are explained in detail with various forms of soft matter used as examples.




The Theory of Polymer Dynamicc
Masao Doi and S. F. Edwards Oxford University Press (1986) page 1-391

This book provides a comprehensive account of the modern theory for the dynamical properties of polymer solutions. The theory has undergone dramatic evolution over the last two decades due to the introduction of new methods and concepts that have extended the frontier of theory from dilute solutions in which polymers move independently to concentrated solutions where many polymers converge. Among the properties examined are viscoelasticity, diffusion, dynamic light scattering, and electric birefringence. Nonlinear viscoelasticity is discussed in detail on the basis of molecular dynamical models. The book bridges the gap between classical theory and new developments, creating a consistent picture of polymer solution dynamics over the entire concentration range.



Introduction to Polymer Physics

Masao Doi, Oxford University Press (1995) page 1-120 

Polymers are very large molecules consisting of many atoms covalently bonded like a chain. Their structure gives unique physical properties to polymer solutions. This outstanding textbook gives a clear and concise introduction to the modern theory of polymer physics. It describes basic concepts and methods and explains the statistical properties of the assembly of chain-like molecules; topics include scaling theory, concentration fluctuation, gels, and reptation. This is an ideal volume for graduate students and advanced undergraduates in polymer physics.  (This book is a translation of the Polymer physics part in the above book.)


Physics virtual laboratory (In Japanese)
Masao Doi and Jun-ichi Takimoto, Nagoya University Press (2004)
@page 1-300

Statistical mechanics  (In Japanese)
Masao Doi
@Asakura Shoten (2006) page 1-227

Introduction to soft matter physics  (In Japanese)
Masao Doi, Iwanami Shoten (2010)
@page 1-275