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Current Research
(1) Physics of soft matters: polymers. gels, colloids, liquid crystals
   Flow in micro and nano region (adhesion,  nano rheology) 
   Evaporation process of polymer solutions (flow, diffusion, gelation)
   Gel dyanmics (electro-stress-diffusion coupling in ionic gels, interface of gels)

(2) Modeling and simulation of soft matters
   Multiscale modeling (A challenge in polymer physics)

Earlier research
Viscoelasticity, Polymer dynamics
Molecular theory for viscoelasticity of polymers and liquid crystals 
  Reptation theory for the viscoelascitity of entangled polymers
  Molecular theory for the viscoelasticity of liquid crystalline polymers

  Continuum modeling for gel dynamics
  Stress diffusion coupling in swelling and deformation of gels
  Dynamics of volume transition
  Electro-stress diffusion coupling in gels

Colloidal suspensions
  Computer simulation of aggregating colloids
  Hydrodynamics of particles of complex shape

Statistical theory  for diffusion controlled reaction 
  The first passage time problem of Brownian motion with memory effect
  Fock space representation of reaction kinetics

Gel electrophoresis of DNA
Elecrorheological effect of suspensions